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Windows Desktop Application Development

If your requirements are best suited to a bespoke Windows desktop application, either for a single person, a department or for the whole organisation we can develop and install a solution for you. We can also provide post implementation support to allow your application to evolve and change as your business and requirements change.

Case Study - Club Membership System

Club Membership System

This was written for Henleaze Swimming Club as they could not find a free or cheap membership system that allows more than one member per membership. The reason for this requirement was that Henleaze Swimming Club has membership categories where a membership can have many members at the same address. For example, a family membership. This enables significant saving in time and money when processing membership as the Club only have to send communications to approximate 50% of the member numbers.

The Club Membership system can be set up on a single PC or on a network for access by multiple users. The system can be configured for use by any Club with similer requirement to Henleaze Swimming Club. The system has a number of different user roles so that access to certain functionality can be restricted to authorised personel. The Club Membership system uses the free version of Microsoft’s SQL Server and is written in Microsoft Windows Forms .Net.