Whitelist specialises in the latest Microsoft Web technologies, and we will also use other technologies if they are suited to your current and future requirements.

HTML, CCS and Javascript

HTML, CCS and Javascript are the standard technologies used for developing websites, and will be employed in all the websites that we develop. If you require a static site with limited interaction and data this may be all that is required.

Microsoft ASP.Net

If you require a complex website with significant amounts of data, content management functionality and rich user interaction, we would recommend Microsoft’s ASP.Net. This is the latest web technology from Microsoft that enables us to develop scalable, web-based applications and data-driven web sites.

Microsoft has put a great deal of emphasis when designing ASP.Net on developer productivity features. This means ASP.Net allows us to develop websites more easily and thus reduce the cost of developing a website for you.

Microsoft SQL Server

This is Microsoft's flagship database engine. It is a fast, efficient and scalable database system capable of storing and retrieving millions of records. We have been developing applications using SQL Server for the last 10 years. If your data requirements and budget are limited we would recommend the free version of Microsoft’s SQL Server database: SQL Server Express.

Microsoft Windows Forms.Net

If you require a desktop application or desktop element to your internet presence we would recommend Windows Forms.Net This is the most recent development platform for creating Windows desktop applications offered by Microsoft . It still offers a ‘richer’ client experience than current web technologies.